PhD Thesis

I got an email recently from someone who said that they read my PhD thesis multiple times. This produced a strange and maybe a somewhat sad feeling all at once. Sad because over the past few years I have not had much time to invest into that line of work, though I loved it very …


Polemical Ludwig

During his lifetime Ludwig Wittgenstein published one book review, one book 75 page book, one article and one so called children’s dictionary. Below is the book review which was written by Wittgenstein when he was an undergrad student at Cambridge. The Science of Logic: an inquiry into the principles of accurate thought and scientific method. By …

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OCaml Libraries from Jane Street

This blog entry is about using Jane Street’s publicly released OCaml libraries for your own projects. It tells you what to install, how to a compile programs and provides a short example program that tries to do something useful using the Command module and the Async library. For the official documentation about all this take …


The Devil of the Excluded Middle

L E J Brouwer (1881-1966) who propounded the doctrine mathematical intuitionism. From The Sufis have been using carefully constructed stories for teaching purposes for thousands of years. Though on the surface these often appear to be little more than entertaining fairytales or folktales, they enshrine — in their characters, plots, and imagery — patterns and relationships that nurture a …


Olympic Peninsula in the Distance

Olympic Peninsula, WA. These pictures were taken by Pooja when we were flying over the Puget Sound in the little Evektor Sportstar that we rented. It was our first flight over the area. The view from the air is breathtaking and the pictures do little justice.


Types and the Dart Programming Language

Yesterday at Lang.NEXT Gilad Bracha presented the Dart programming language. While there are some interesting things about Dart (like mirrors and isolates), a significant part of the talk was dedicated to Dart’s type system or the lack of one. Dart aims to be a replacement for JavaScript; a cleaned up version of the same for …


Victim of the Brain – 1988

Except in a few circles, this video is not as well known as it should be. Featuring Douglas Hofstadter, (a very funny) Dan Dennett and Marvin Minsky, this is a movie made in the late 80s. “Victim of the Brain” is an adaption of several books mixed in with interviews. Lots of cognition and AI …


Introduction to Mathematics – Whitehead

Today in the library I came across this little book – An Introduction to Mathematics – by Whitehead, 1911. Yes, the same Alfred North Whitehead, coauthor of the Principia Mathematica along with Bertrand Russell. Its a wonderful read, this little book. It doesn’t teach mathematics but it explains much of its spirit. And explains it …


Everyone and no one wants to save the world

This is an old blog entry by the now well known Julian Assange. This is reproduced here from Assange’s old blog which is available from web archive. I really wonder if he could talk like that in real life: “You do not need to justify the possession of these noble instincts. Such attributes are normally …


Compiling PCAP for OCaml: An Example.

The PCAP library is the de-facto packet-capture library used by most applications that need packet capture in some form or the other. There exists a OCaml PCAP library (libmlpcap-ocaml-dev or mlpcap) which basically consists of FFI bindings for all the PCAP functions. The usual documentation (such as here) for the PCAP API should also apply …