Collaborating using Mercurial

Mercurial access to this server is controlled by hg-gateway.To get access to any repositories on this server you must send me your public key  and have me give you access to the repositories.

Once I have given you access by adding your SSH public key to my hg-gateway account, you should be able to access your repositories using the usual hg commands. For instance if you have access to “repo1” on my server, you should be able to clone it by typing:

hg clone ssh://


If you have access to multiple repositories on my server, you can get a quick overview of these by typing:



This should list each repository you have access to and display the “hg tip” of each repository.

hg-gateway is a script for shared SSH access to hg repositories. It helps manage multiple users on a single SSH account and control their access to repositories. Find out more about hg-gateway here.

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